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Open Wednesday-Saturday @ 6PM

Band Booking & Playing at Beatnik's

All band booking is handled via email unless otherwise specified.
CONTACT: [email protected]
INCLUDE: Band Name, contact name, phone number, music genre, website/links

  • A standard cover charge is collected at the door. All proceeds go directly to the band.
  • If there is more than one band it is the booking bands responsibility to negotiate and compensate other performers directly. 
  • Door person is provided by Beatnik’s. We are a 21+ establishment with Positive ID required.
  • Load in equipment after 5pm. Check in with staff prior to setting up.  
  • Set times Start no later than 9pm and end by 1am.
  • There is a kitchen on site should you wish to purchase food.
  • Band Merchandise is always welcome, band retains all profits.
  • Promo materials can be dropped off in person, mailed or emailed.
  • We encourage you to stop in before you play, hang out, check out the space, talk up the show.
  • If you email a PDF in an 11x17 format we will print and promote within the bar.

Mail to: Beatnik’s

Email to:  [email protected]

We will promote on our website as well as the social web. The more info you provide the better we can help promote. Together our combined efforts will help all of us have a successful event.

Send us a link to your best band videos and if approved we will feature on our home page live link.

Beatniks house sounds system includes:

  • 2 Mackie 1501 powered subwoofers
  • 2 Mackie SRM 450 V2 12 inch powered full range speakers (top speakers)
  • 1 Mackie SRM-450 powered speaker used as a monitor
  • Mackie profx 12 channel mixer (has built in effects, 6 microphone inputs, 6 ¼ inch outputs and one monitor send
  • Bands to provide their own mics, stands and cables

Beatniks does not provide a sound technician or other support. Please help us maintain the equipment and follow these simple steps.  

Follow these steps to power up:

  • With volume down, turn on power to speakers
  • With volume down, turn on power to subwoofers
  • With volume down, turn on power to mixing board

Follow these steps to power down:

  • Turn volume down then turn off power to speakers
  • Turn volume down then turn off power to subwoofers
  • Turn volume down then turn off power to mixing board.
  • Return all cables and leave all equipment as you found it.